Notice for users who would like code execution in SystemOS in the future

Compatible with Xbox One/S/X, Series S/X

On 2024/06/08 a method for gaining user- and kernel-level code execution SystemOS was announced. It is likely to be patched soon (in next System Update).

To prepare, do the following:

  1. Ensure your Xbox Live account Login-Type is configured as “No barriers” aka. auto-login with no password prompt
  2. Set your console as “Home Console” for this account
  3. Download the App Game Script
  4. Start the app (to ensure license is downloaded/cached)
  5. Take your console offline! To make extra sure it cannot reach the internet, set a manual primary DNS address of
  6. Get a device/microcontroller that can simulate a Keyboard (rubber ducky or similar) - otherwise you have to type a lot manually :D

UPDATE 2024/06/10: Exploit author @carrot_c4k3’s twitter

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