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The "Series"-era of Xbox consoles has, additional to XBFS, a filesystem called SBFS.

It is not exposed to the operating itself transparently.

Filesystem sizes


SBFS Header offsets

Checking if a filetable exists is done by checking for SBFS_HEADER->Magic.

Absolute offsets:

  • 0x1_0000
  • 0x1_1000

SBFS Structures

Byteorder: Little endian


PAGE_SIZE: 0x1000


Size: 0x1C0

Offset Length Type Information
0x00 0x04 uint Magic (SFBS)
0x04 0x01 byte Format Version
0x05 0x01 byte Sequence Version*
0x06 0x02 ushort Layout Version
0x08 0x08 uint64 Unknown
0x10 0x08 uint64 Unknown
0x18 0x08 uint64 Unknown
0x20 MAX_FILE_COUNT * sizeof(SBFS_FILE_ENTRY) struct SBFS_FILE_ENTRY File Entries
0x1A0 0x20 byte[] SHA256 Hash
  • Sequence number: Wraps around, aka 0xFF -> 0x00. 0x00 would be latest.


Size: 0x10

Offset Length Type Information
0x00 0x04 uint32 Offset (page count)
0x04 0x04 uint32 Size (page count)
0x08 0x08 uint64 Unknown

File Entries

Index Name Format Plaintext Information Per console
01 smcfw.bin binary no SMC firmware ?
02 psp1sp.bin binary no Bootloaders yes
03 speaker.bin binary ? (likely) Startup/eject sounds no
04 smcerr.log binary no SMC error log yes
05 smc_d.cfg binary no Dynamic SMC config yes
06 certkeys.smc binary no SMC boot capability cert yes


  • sbfs-tool - (Go) Parsing/extracting a raw SBFS image
Authors: tuxuser