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What are XTF APIs?

XTF (Also known as Xbox Toolkit Framework) is a set of APIs used in conjunction by the console and XDK or GDK running on a PC. These APIs are generally only active console side on an ERA kit or above, however patched methods have allowed UWA kits to use them in the past. They expose a number of functions from console information gathering and application management to controller input simulation, execution, file management and debugging. Note: Headers, libraries and debugging symbols for XTF can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft GDK\toolKit in the case of a local GDK installation.


This XTF API is used to automate application management.


This XTF API is used to get information about and manage a development console.


This XTF API is used to get the default development console or to manage a collection of development consoles.


This XTF API is used to receive debug output from an app or game running on a development console.


This XTF API is used to manage files on a development console.


This XTF API is used to simulate controller input on a development console.


This XTF API is used to run utility executables on a development console.


This XTF API is used to manage users on a development console.

Additional Xtf APIs

These XTF APIs are used for checking available space for apps and retrieving user friendly error messages.


This information was gathered from a publicly accessible Game Development Kit and files dumped from a UWA devkit.

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