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Register an app in a loose folder


You can register an app in a loose folder by using the following request format.

Method Request URI
POST /api/app/packagemanager/register

URI parameters

You can specify the following additional parameters on the request URI:

URI Parameter Description
folder (required) The destination folder name of the package to be registered. This folder must exist under d:\developmentfiles\LooseApps on the console. This folder name should be base64 encoded as it may contain path separators if the folder is in a subfolder under LooseApps.

Request headers

  • None

Request body

  • None


Status code

This API has the following expected status codes.

HTTP status code Description
200 Deploy request accepted and being processed
4XX Error codes
5XX Error codes

Available device families

  • Windows Xbox


There are at least three different ways to get the loose app on the console in the desired folder. The easiest is to simply copy the files via SMB to \\DevelopmentFiles\LooseApps. This will require a username and password on UWA kits which can be obtained via /ext/smb/developerfolder.

The second way is by copying over individual files to the correct location by doing a POST to /api/filesystem/apps/file where knownfolderid is DevelopmentFiles, packagefullname is empty, and filename and path are properly supplied (path should begin with LooseApps).

The third way is to copy an entire folder at a time via /api/app/packagemanager/upload where destinationFolder is the name of the folder to be placed under d:\developmentfiles\looseapps and the payload is a multi-part conforming http body of the directory contents.

Credits Microsoft

Authors: tunip3