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SystemOS - Elevation of privileges via UnattendedUtilities


Release date 10.09.2019
Author Xbox One Research
Classification Elevation of privileges
Patched yes
Patch date 19/11/2019
First patched system version 10.0.18363.8119 (19h1_release_xbox_dev_1911.18363.8119.191119-1135)
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Normally you have limited user rights when connecting via SSH in development mode. Via WinRT/COM Interop you can access UnattendedUtilities assembly and use it's script execution framework.

All commands executed by unattended scripts are done with local administrator rights.


  • Dev Mode


Copy the extracted files to the console and the desired script to execute to the console.

For a script supplied via usb flash drive, execute:

xboxunattend.exe -usb

For a script in an arbitrary location

xboxunattend.exe -script D:\DevelopmentFiles\myscript.cmd
Authors: tuxuser