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unregistered packages. API reference

You can access development-related files on your Xbox One using a standard file explorer. This allows you to easily view and replace files from your PC to the console.

Request Returns a JSON array of unregistered packages.

Method Request URI
GET /ext/app/unregistered

URI parameters

  • None

Request headers

  • None

Request body

  • None


If the call is successful, the service will return a JSON array containing information about the unregistered packages on the console. Each entry in the array will contain the following members.

Member Description
PackageFullName Name of the app.
DeployType This should be UnregisteredPackage.
DeployDrive The drive where the package resides.
DeploySizeInBytes The size of the package.

Status code

This API has the following expected status codes.

HTTP status code Description
200 The request to access the credentials for the file share was granted.
4XX Error codes
5XX Error codes

Available device families

  • Windows Xbox

Credits Microsoft

Authors: tunip3