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The Xbox Tools Framework (XTF) API that is used to manage files on a development console.


Interface Description
IXtfBatchFileIOClient Batch copies files between two locations on a development console.
IXtfCopyFileCallback Provides callbacks that are used when the status of an IXtfFileIOClient::CopyFiles Method or IXtfBatchFileIOClient::CopyFiles Method operation changes.
IXtfFileIOClient Represents an Xbox Tools Framework (XTF) file I/O client.
IXtfFindFileCallback Provides a callback that is used when a file is found during a find or delete operation.


Function Description
XtfCreateFileIOClient Initializes a new instance of the IXtfFileIOClient interface with the specified address.


Structure Description
XTFFILEINFO Contains information about a file for Xbox Tools Framework (XTF) apps.
XTFFILEIORESERVED Reserved for internal use.
Authors: TitleOS