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Uploads the contents of the specified folder to the Title Scratch Drive (or to a subfolder within that folder).


Method Request URI
POST /ext/app/packagemanager/era/upload

URI parameters

Parameter Format Description
destinationFolder base64-encoded string Name of the folder to create on the Title Scratch drive. This folder name should be base64-encoded as it may contain path separators if the folder is a subfolder under Title Scratch.

Request headers

  • None

Request body

The request must contain the multi-part conforming HTTP body of the directory contents.


Response body

  • Unknown

Status code

This API has the following expected status codes.

HTTP status code Description
200 Success
4XX Error codes
5XX Error codes


The recommended way to copy a folder to the Title Scratch drive is to use the SMB share via \IP_Address\TitleScratch, or to use the XDK. This RESTful API is intended for use from a browser or when File Explorer is not available.

Available device families

  • Windows Xbox

Credits Microsoft

Authors: tunip3