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Developer folder API reference

You can access development-related files on your Xbox One using a standard file explorer. This allows you to easily view and replace files from your PC to the console.


You can access the developer folder using the following request. The request will return:

  • The location of the file share. This location can be entered into the address bar in a file explorer.
  • The username to access the file share.
  • The password to access the file share.
Method Request URI
GET /ext/smb/developerfolder

URI parameters

  • None

Request headers

  • None

Request body

  • None

Path - the path to the file developer files share.
Username - the username needed to access the developer files share.
Password - the password needed to access the developer files share.

Status code

This API has the following expected status codes.

HTTP status code Description
200 The request to access the credentials for the file share was granted.
4XX Error codes
5XX Error codes


The returned credentials also provide access to the DevToolsUser account over ssh.

Available device families

  • Windows Xbox

Credits Microsoft

Authors: tunip3