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Unknown usecase, related to XVD files.

File format

Offset Length Type Information
0x00 0x10 byte[] ContentId
0x10 0x04 byte[] Unknown
0x14 0x02 ushort Unknown
0x16 0x02 ushort Unknown
0x18 0x04 uint32 Unknown
0x1C 0x04 uint32 Unknown
0x20 0x04 uint32 Unknown
0x24 0x04 uint32 Unknown
0x28 0x04 byte[] Unknown
0x2C 0x02 ushort Unknown
0x2E 0x02 ushort Unknown
0x30 0x08 uint64 Unknown
0x38 0x40 byte[] Unknown
0x78 0x08 uint64 Unknown
Authors: tuxuser