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Xbox Optical disc drive

Game discs

Xbox One game discs are called XGD4 (Xbox Game Disc Version 4).

Drive models

Following optical disc drive models are known to date:

Xbox One (PHAT)

  • Lite-On DG-6M1S-01B/02B (Codename: ELK)
  • Lite-On DG-6M2S-01B (Codename: CORDOVA)

Xbox One S / X

  • Lite-On DG-6M5S-01B/02B (Codename: MONTEREY)

Lite-On drives

General info

  • Seems to use MTK chipset
  • DG-6M1S is NOT detected when connected to a PC, all other models are

Known firmware versions

  • 3253 (July 2013, DG-6M1S-01B)
  • 011V (August 2015, DG-6M2S-01B)
  • 017V (April 2016, DG-6M5S-01B)

Known flash chips

  • Lite-On DG-6M2S -> MXIC(MX25L8091E) (MenuId: 0xC2, DevId1: 0x20, DevId2: 0x14)

oddfwupd log

When a dashboard update performs a ODD firmware upgrade, a log file is created on HDD.

Location: SystemSupport\oddfwupd\X.log (Where X is an increasing integer number indicating the update attempt count.)

For a compilation of different update logs in different situations, see the ODD Firmware Update Log Page.

Philips / Lite-On PLDS DG-6M1S

PLDS DG6M1S label PLDS DG6M1S pcb mounted PLDS DG6M1S pcb front PLDS DG6M1S pcb back

Philips / Lite-On PLDS DG-6M2S

PLDS DG6M2S label PLDS DG6M2S pcb mounted PLDS DG6M2S pcb front PLDS DG6M2S pcb back

Authors: Torus, tuxuser