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Upload a folder to the development directory


You can upload an entire folder at once to the Known Folder Id for the DevelopmentFiles (or to a subfolder within that folder).

Method Request URI
POST /api/app/packagemanager/upload

URI parameters

You can specify the following additional parameters on the request URI:

URI Parameter Description
destinationFolder (required) The destination folder name of the folder to be uploaded. This folder will be placed under d:\developmentfiles\LooseApps on the console. This folder name should be base64 encoded as it may contain path separators if the folder is a subfolder under LooseApps.

Request headers

  • None

Request body

  • multi-part conforming http body of the directory contents.


Status code

This API has the following expected status codes.

HTTP status code Description
200 Success
4XX Error codes
5XX Error codes

Available device families

  • Windows Xbox

Credits Microsoft Credits Microsoft

Authors: tunip3